• Fuzzy Elephants!

    If you’ve got a problem with Coldplay, you’ve got a problem with yourself! I kid, they might in fact be too main stream for some folks, but this video is outstanding. As a Tampa DJ I don’t find myself playing Coldplay tracks too often in the dance mix, but youRead more –>

  • Last Night

    Such an awesome time last night with some great people! PDP had the opportunity to perform for an 80’s themed 40th birthday party and it was a stellar time! Doris Hardin and her friends danced the night away- as always it’s a pleasure to serve- the happier my client areRead more –>

  • January 5- A word about Crowder

    This week in Atlanta, a huge annual convention was held at the Georgia Dome called Passion. It’s a days-long festival celebrating faith and God in the New Year. Unfortunately, the Tampa DJ business revolves around weekends, and business has been kind to me so far this January … i.e. noRead more –>

  • Happy Monday!

    First week of 2012 and we’re trying to make this whole music video thing a habit. Today’s featured artist is Lecrae, a Christian hip-hop artist. Now I know that that phrase leaves a lot of people rolling their eyes, and I appreciate that. The sad fact is that many talentedRead more –>

  • January 1!

    Happy New Year! First post of 2012 might wind up setting a trend: the goal is to post at least one peice of multimedia a day that’s somehow relevant to the world of Mobile DJ’s in Tampa. So here we go with a music video, which you’ve probably watched byRead more –>

  • Late Christmas present

    Fundamentally speaking, the absolute first thing a DJ needs is music. Without a disc to jockey, he’s just a creepy dude standing in the corner at a party. (Come to think of it, a lot of people think DJ’s are just that anyway, but that’s a discussion for another time.)Read more –>

  • Bloggin it, and bloggin it, and bloggin it well!

    Hello! So happy to be starting this new addition to the website. The Party Blog will be updated daily (ambitious I know) to include new music we’re excited about, photos and video from events, news about the company and general observations about what’s going on in the entertainment business. CheckRead more –>