Tuesdays in the Office with Dad

The Tampa DJ business isn’t easy- a town with many young people has it’s share of parties, and you get a lot of people calling themselves a disc jockey. That makes it very important to distinguish what kind of DJ you’re looking for. Most people think of themelves as ‘club’ DJs, meaning they remix music together to create a high energy playlist (normally consisting of rap, hip hop, dance tracks, techno and dubstep) that can play for a few hours and keep a wandering crowd entertained throughout the night. Most of these DJs do not even pick up a microphone- there’s a hype man on the mic promoting drink specials, body shots, announcing birthdays etc. With this kind of DJ you’re getting pretty much just a playlist- maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not. You’re not getting anyone that’s good at actually interacting with a crowd, or even one that’s good at mixing requests into the mix.

Event DJs, on the other hand, offer a more diverse skill set. Tasked with entertaining at birthdays, weddings, corporate events, private affairs and more, it’s no wonder. Of course the music comes standard: in fact a far more diverse library suited to please todays youth and their grandparents. More importantly, the ability and experience to relate and interact with any crowd big, small, young and old. Tampa DJs must be especially diverse with the volume of weddings, businesses, retirement homes and schools locally that all have unique audiences and needs.

Fact is that a great event DJ can walk into any club and rock the place- in fact they can probably connect better with the crowd because they’re better suited to fit requests into the mix. Before you book a DJ for your wedding or private party anywhere in Tampa, Clearwater or St Pete, call Party Doctor Productions and discover the difference!

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